Wednesday, February 1, 2012

F. D. A. Unveils Proposed Graphic Warning Labels For Cigarette Packs

In 2010, 36 warning label designs were proposed for cigarette cartons. These labels will cover half of the carton's surface and are intended to remind smokers of the dangers and the health risks of smoking.  Reports show that "about 20.6% of the nations of adults, or 46.6 million people, and about 19.5% of high school students, or 3.4 million teenagers, are smokers." It is said that around 440,000 people die each year due to tobacco causing health complications. Many cigarette companies are upset with these new requirements and are intending to fight them. The manufactures are claiming that the FDA is "infringing the companies' property and free-speech rights." By 2012, every cigarette manufacturer will be required to print the new warning labels on every single cigarette pack. The information in this article will fit nicely within my research paper.

Harris, G. (2010, November 10). F. D. A. unveils proposed graphic warning labels for cigarette
     packs. New York Times. Retrieved from

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