Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The cigarette pack as image: new evidence from tobacco industry documents

It is proven that cigarette packaging design is a critical piece of communication and advertising. Smokers always have a pack of cigarettes on them, they don't just throw the box away after the first cigarette. The pack becomes part of the smoker's image. Plus, there are many different cigarette brands and each smoker has their preferred brand. After smoking for quite a while the smoker becomes loyal to that brand and most likely will never change brands in their lifetime. "Brand image is the factor that distinguishes between cigarettes which is important for young smokers in decision making about brand choice." The packaging design is a more important factor in choosing a brand than the actual taste of the tobacco. I will definately use this article in my research paper.

Wakefield, M., Morley, C., Horan, J.K., Cummings, K. M. (2002). The cigarette pack as image: New
             evidence from tobacco industry documents. Tobacco Control. Retrieved from

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