Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Interview of Carolyn Freyburgher

Carolyn Freyburgher has been smoking off and on since she was seventeen years old.  She began smoking to fit in.  Her friend and sister introduced smoking to her.  Carolyn's grandma used to smoke and that used to influence her, however no one influences her to smoke anymore.  She believes that the new graphic warning labels are a good idea.  She even thinks that these new labels might make her permanently quit.  Carolyn has tried quitting many times but unfortunately, a stressful situation causes her to start smoking once again.  Smoking really calms her down and helps relieve the stress.  She also likes to smoke when she's having a beer.  Carolyn's grandma had lung cancer due to smoking and she had to watch her grandmother die because of smoking.  Even though smoking is expensive and it took someone she loved, Carolyn continues to smoke.

(C. Freyburgher, personal communication, February 18, 2012)

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